Pre-insulated panel systems offer undisputed advantages in comparison to conventional sheet metal systems, specifically in the fabrication, construction, and installation phases. Modification or enlargements of existing systems are particularly easy.

Easy to Design:
Pre-insulated panels can be designed by a computerized CNC machine which reduces the time required in comparison to the conventional method. This machine can tailor the panel to the best possible and most efficient method to reduce waste.

Pre-insulated panel are extremely hygienic because of the possibility of washing the outer and inner surfaces, which guarantees maximum possible hygiene.

Cost Saving:
Pre-insulated panels initial cost is economical compared to the conventional GI ducting system. The required time to fabricate the Pre-insulated panel is significantly reduced due to duct fabrication simplicity. Time factor ultimately reduces labor costs.

Excellent Reaction to Fire:
When in contact with fire, the feature of the polyisocyanurate foam favors the formation of a carbon cellular structure that protects the inner foam parts. Thus the speed of combustion is slow.

Clean Transport of Inside Air:
The air circulating inside the duct is always kept in its purest stage, as the inner surface of the duct is made of aluminum with a purity of over 99%, not allowing for condensation or for the accumulation of dust or micro-organisms.

Lack of Condensation:
The highest level of heat insulation of the Pre-insulated panel prevents condensation on both sides of the panel. Even on extreme weather condensation its outer surface will remain intact. Likewise, the aluminum facing acts as a water vapor barrier to prevent water particles from forming on the inner insulation.

Improve the Performance of your Installation:
The use of ducts made using Pre-insulated panel will notably improve the performance of your installation because of its low heat conductivity, together with the water tightness of the products, the minimization of frigorics loss, and avoidance of air leaks through the joints.

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