Pre Insulated HVAC DUCT Panel

Duct is a key part of central air-conditioning system. It plays a very important role in adjusting air condition in buildings. The air condition and appearance of buildings are related with duct quality. The material used for duct is constantly evolving in order to satisfy the demand for higher and higher quality, greater respect for the environment, and increased savings in energy. Many different materials and systems such as magnetite composite, PVC and so on have been developed as alternatives to the galvanized sheet metal used traditionally, but pre-insulated duct is a fresh blood of duct systems. It is a sandwich panel that is made with PIR (Polyisocyanurate) foam faced with aluminum foil. It seemed to be a trend to use AIR pre-insulated duct on world duct market instead of traditional duct systems. AIR pre-insulated duct has been steadily developed and spread around the world, as its application has been gradually extended to every type of air distribution system: industrial, civil and commercial.

For construction of air ducting in heating, ventilation and?air-conditioning systems (HVAC), the Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam panel with 45kg/m3 density, coated with 80/80μm thick embossed aluminum foil have two panel types:

HuYa?PI-20: 20mm thickness - Indoor
HuYa?PI-30: 30mm thickness - Outdoor



HuYa PUR Panel of 20mm Thickness with 80 micron embossed Aluminum foil on both sides



HuYa PUR Panel of 20mm Thickness with 60 micron embossed Aluminum foil on both sides



HuYa PUR Panel of 20 mm thickness with one side 80 mic Aluminum smooth and another side 80 mic Aluminum embossed



HuYa Panel of 30 mm thickness with 200 mic Aluminum embossed on both sides



HuYa Panel of 30 mm thickness with one side 60 mic Aluminum and the other side 200 mic Aluminum embossed.

Thermal Insulation Board

HuYa panel can be easily and effectively applied to the insides of roofs and walls as well as for floor insulation. The seamless foam layer follows all the contours of the surface and sticks to all kinds of materials and surfaces. PIR insulation protects against cold, heat, damp and draughts. It is the perfect insulation.

Roof insulation:? Just like the inside of a roof, you can have the outside of a roof insulated. PIR?insulating foam can be applied to both existing roofs and new roofs to prevent damage by sun, wind, and rain.?

Wall?insulation:? It can be done quickly and effective using PIR foam. The PIR foam sticks easily to any surface and follows all the contours, of in this case, the gable closely. There’s no chance of cold bridges.

Floor Insulation:? PIR foam has exceptionally good insulating and damp-proofing characteristics. The polyurethane is applied seamlessly against the underside of the floor of the ground floor, around floor boards and up to a certain height on the foundation joints. The result is a perfect separation between the climate in the crawlspace and that in the living room.
Healthy homes, offices etc with an acceptable humidity level in the house. PIR foam seamlessly seals the floor, in contrast to systems that seal off the ground.



HuYa PUR Panel of 50 mm thickness with both side Asphalt paper



HuYa PUR Panel of 50 mm thickness with both side Kraft paper



HuYa PUR Panel of 50 mm thickness with both side Glass wool

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