Qualities of HUYA PANEL

1. Indoor Air Quality:
· Healthy: as a result of the aluminum facings, the pre-insulated duct achieves maximum hygiene. · Clean: Since the air is in contact with aluminum, it doesn’t lose particles with air like GI sheet. · The aluminum is much easier to clean than GI sheet

2. Load Loss:
· Healthy: as a result of the aluminum facings, the pre-insulated duct achieves maximum hygiene. · Total ruggedness: K=0.025 · When using pre-insulated duct and applying the standard calculation chart, there is no need for correction factor.

3. Thermal Insulation:
· The Polyisocyanurate rigid foam (PIR) is closed cell. · The best thermal insulation: K= 0.021 W/(m°K) · Homogeneous insulation throughout the installation. · Mediate the condensation drop

4. Acoustic Behavior:
· Its acoustic behavior is comparable to GI sheet metal., so it is designed with the same approaches.

5. Sealed Lengths:
· The system doesn’t use mechanical lengthwise unions. · The ducts are built up to 4m length. · All the faces are glued lengthwise, sealed with silicone to interior angles and aluminum tape for the exterior. · The system makes it practically impossible for any lengthwise leakage.

6. Sealed Cross Joints
· The system used for cross joints is with the help of invisible flanges connected with PVC H bayonet. · Male / female cross joint may be used. · The PIR rigid foam allows cutting male / female joints with a perfect union among two pieces. · The male / female cross joints are glued using aluminum tape for the exterior cross joint fit each 3m or 4m depending in the length of the panel. · Both systems drastically reduce the number of cross joints and the possibility of leakage and drop condensations.

7. Mechanical Resistance
· The ducts built with the pre-insulated panels resist the very high levels of pressure.   Panel of 20mm thickness: 1100 Pascal (Interior Use)   Panel of 30mm thickness: 1400 Pascal (Exterior Use) · Once built, the ducts and pieces acquire a great resistance and rigidity.

8. Impact Resistance
· PIR duct is light, but very resistant. · If it is installed outdoor, it should be protected from the meteorological inclemency such as rain, hail and wind. · Protection from rain and hail will be easily accomplished by applying a special paint. · Protection from wind is accomplished with appropriate supports.

9. Long-Life Materials
· The Pre-insulated panel is composed of two materials: i) Pure embossed aluminum foil which gives external protection ii) PIR rigid foam that yields internal insulation · Both materials resist alteration and aging as time passes by and they do not suffer any environmental corrosion.

10. Weight
· Light, but very resistant: panel of 20mm thickness: Weight 1.25 ± 0.02 kg/m2 Panel of 30mm thickness: Weight 1.60 ± 0.03 kg/m2 · It is equal to 1/6 of the weight of the sheet metal (GI) duct without insulation. · Easy to transport, handle, build and install. · Economy of support: each one comes in 3m or 4m in length unlike GI.

11. Dimension and Shape
· Thanks to the qualities and characteristic of the pre-insulated panels, the duct can be fabricated in virtually any shape, form, and measures. · You can get any dimension and shape that you need either by using the CNC machine or manual cutting.

12. Easy to Build
· Ducts are usually built from four separate faces (strips) of 3m or 4m of length. · The strips are cut 45 degrees lengthwise on both sides. · The system allows standardized measures. · The system allows fabricating a stock of strips to meet future demand.

13. Standards and Regulations
· The ducts built with the Pre-insulated panels conform to most international regulations and standards.

14. Competitive Final Price
· The pre-insulated panels are considered the next generation material to replace the traditional sheet metal (GI) duct with insulation. · Pre-insulated Air Duct Systems yield the best quality-price relation in the market.

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